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The Peaceful Fruit of Repentance Part II

January 13, 2019 Pastor: Habib Sakr Series: Genesis

Scripture: Genesis 35:1–35:5

From a physical point of view, only 30 miles separated Jacob from God’s appointed destination of Bethel. That thirty miles had separated him from God’s will! He was near Bethel but not near to the God of Bethel. From a spiritual standpoint, Jacob might as well have been a million miles away. Jacob’s condition is not that different from many Christians today. Outward-ly, we may appear to be walking close to the Lord, but inwardly we have stopped short of whole-hearted devotion to Him. Since every one of us will face times when we have strayed from an intimate and obedient walk with God, Genesis 35 provides us with a map for finding our way back home.