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Overcoming Anxiety (Part VI)

April 29, 2018 Pastor: Pastor Habib Sakr Series: Sermon On The Mount

Scripture: Matthew 6:25–6:34

I. What is the Subject Dealt With?
II. What is the Connection With What Preceded?
III. What is the Manner in Which Our Lord Deals With the Subject?
IV. What is the Difference Between Worry & Legitimate Concern?
V. What Are the Reasons for Sinful Anxiety?
1. Reason #1: Failure to Recognize the Value of Life & the Body
2. Reason #2: Failure to Recognize the Futility of Sinful Anxiety, v.27
3. Reason #3: Failure to Believe God vv.30-32
VI. What is the Remedy for Sinful Anxiety? v.33
1. The Precept Announced
2. The Promise Attached
3. The Principle Amplified

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