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The objective of the Nursery ministry at Grace Chapel is two-fold:

  1. To provide parents with infants and young toddlers (ages 0-3) the opportunity to participate in Sunday morning services
  2. To supplement the work parents are already doing in their children’s lives by enforcing big Biblical truths in a simple and understandable way (Ex. Jesus is the boss, God made everything)

Who We Are:

Currently the nursery team consists of the following people: Sarah Gendi, Dina Saweriss, Rachel Sakr, and Jessica Fearon.

The Ministry’s Goals:

  • To establish a routine that tracks the number of children who are under our care during the service (parent sign and sign out sheet)
  • To develop the habit of praying for the children on a regular basis
  • To establish and follow a nursery schedule that keeps young children engaged (consists of play, snack time, songs, story, memory verse and colouring)
  • To help parents feel comfortable leaving their children in nursery so they are able to benefit from the worship services
  • To create a supervision routine that allows teachers the opportunity to be involved in worship services on a regular basis (Currently each teacher is on the schedule once out of every three weeks)


The children have been learning simple, yet profound truths about Christ. They are learning memory verses and songs and have been adjusting to the routine of the nursery class. Parents feel comfortable leaving their children and are free to benefit from the worship services.