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Prayer Meeting - February 6, 2019

For I will declare mine iniquity; I will be sorry for my sin. Psalm 38:18
The blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanses us from all sin. 1 John 1:7

SEEK, cherish, and cultivate constantly and habitually a broken heart for sin.
Do not think that it is a work which, once done, is to be done no more. Deem
it not a primary stage in your spiritual journey, which, once reached, never
again occurs in your celestial progress. Oh no! As in the natural life we enter
the world weeping, and leave it weeping, so in the spiritual life—we begin it in
tears of godly sorrow for sin, and we terminate it in tears of godly sorrow for
sin—passing away to that blessed state of sinlessness, where God will wipe
away all tears from our eyes. The indwelling of all evil—the polluting nature of
the world along which we journey—our constant exposure to temptations of
every kind—the many occasions on which we yield to those temptations, the
perpetual developments of sin unseen, unknown, even unsuspected by
others—the defilement which attaches itself to all that we put our hands to,
even the most spiritual and holy and heavenly, the consciousness of what a
holy God must every moment see in us—all, all these considerations should
lead us to cherish that spirit of lowliness and contrition, self-abhorrence and
self-renunciation, inward mortification and outward humility of deportment,
which belong to and which truly prove the existence of the life of God in our

And what, too, prompts a constant traveling to the atoning blood?—what
endears the Savior who shed that blood?—what is it that makes His flesh
food indeed, and His blood drink indeed?—what is it that keeps the
conscience tender and clean?—what enables the believer to walk with God
as a dear child? Oh, it is the sacred contrition of the lowly spirit, springing
from a view of the cross of Jesus, and through the cross leading to the heart
of God. Backsliding Christian! do you feel within your heart the kindlings of
godly sorrow? Are you mourning over your wandering, loathing the sin that
drew you from Christ, that grieved the Spirit, and wounded your own peace?
Are you longing to feed again in the green pastures of the flock, and by the
side of the Shepherd of the flock, assured once more that you are a true
sheep, belonging to the one fold, known by, and precious to, the heart of Him
who laid down His life for the sheep? Then approach the altar of Calvary, and
upon it lay the sacrifice of a broken and a contrite heart, and your God will
accept it. The door of your return stands open—the pierced heart of Jesus.
The golden scepter that bids you approach is extended—the outstretched
hand of a pacified Father. The banquet is ready, and the minstrels are tuning
their harps to celebrate the return from your wanderings to your Father's heart
and home, with the gladness of feasting, and with the voice of thanksgiving
and of melody.—Octavius Winslow