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Prayer Meeting - January 23, 2019

Jesus only. Matthew 17:8

Is not this the motto of every true believer? Whom does his heart in its best
moments, and holiest affections, and intentest yearnings, supremely desire?
The answer is, "Jesus only." Having by His Spirit enthroned Himself there,
having won the affections by the power of His love and the attractions of His
beauty, the breathing of the soul now is, "Whom have I in heaven but You,
and who is there on earth that I desire beside You?" Blessed is that soul, the
utterances of whose heart are the sincere and fervent expressions of a love of
which Christ is the one and supreme object! Oh, to love Him more! Worthy,
most worthy is He of our first and best affections. Angels love Him ardently
and supremely; how much more should we, who owe to Him a deeper debt of
love than they! Let the love of Christ, then, constrain us to love Him, in return,
with an affection which shall evince, by the singleness of its object and the
unreserved surrender of its obedience, that He who reigns the sovereign Lord
of our affections is-"Jesus only."

In all the spiritual circumstances of the believer's history, it is still "Jesus only."
In the corrodings of guilt upon the conscience, in the cloud which veils the
reconciled countenance of God from the soul, where are we to look, save to
"Jesus only"? In the mournful consciousness of our unfaithfulness to God, of
our aggravated backslidings, repeated departures, the allowed foils and
defeats by which our enemies exult, and the saints hang their heads in
sorrow, to whom are we to turn, but to "Jesus only"? In the cares, anxieties,
and perplexities which gather around our path, in the consequent castingsdown
of our soul, and in the disquietude of our spirit within us, to whom shall
we turn, but to "Jesus only"? In those deep and mysterious exercises of soultravail,
which not always the saints of God can fully understand-when we
see a hand they cannot see, and when we hear a voice then cannot hear;
when we seem to tread a lone path, or traverse a sea where no fellowvoyager
ever heaves in sight; the days of soul-exercise wearisome, and its
nights long and dark-oh! to whom shall we then turn, save to "Jesus only"?
Who can enter into all this, and sympathize with all this, but Jesus? To Him
alone, then, let us repair, with every sin, and with every burden, and with
every temptation, and with every sorrow, and with every mental and spiritual
exercise, thankful to be shut up exclusively to "Jesus only."

And when the time draws near that we must depart out of this world, and go
unto the Father, one object will fix the eye, from which all others are then
receding-it is "Jesus only." Ah! to die, actually to die, must be a crisis of our
being quite different from reading of death in a book, or from hearing of it in
the pulpit, or from talking of it by the way-side. It is a solemn, an appalling
thing to die! But to the believer in Jesus, how pleasant and how glorious!
"Absent from the body," he is "present with the Lord." Jesus is with him then.
The blood of Jesus is there, cleansing him from all his guilt; the arms of Jesus
are there, supporting him in all his weakness; the Spirit of Jesus is there,
comforting him in all his fears; and now is he learning, for the last time on
earth, that as for all the sins, all the perils, all the trials, and all the sorrows of
life, so now as that life is ebbing fast away, and death is chilling, and eternity
is nearing, "Jesus only" is all-sufficient for his soul. Believer! look to "Jesus
only"-lean upon Him, cleave to Him, labor for Him, suffer for Him, and, if
need be, die for Him; thus loving and trusting, living and dying for, "JESUS
ONLY."-Octavius Winslow